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My Super Green protein smoothie

July 21, 2009 by  
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In today’s post I’m going to give up one of my secrets to great physical health and stamina. like my motto reads, nutrition equals fitness. I will begin with my very own green protein smoothie. This smoothie will have everything you need for pre and post workouts with both energy and recovery contents. Okay, now for the ingredients.

*  Two to three tablespoons of organic Hemp protein

*  Two tablespoons of Brown rice protein

*  One tablespoon of organic Wheat grass powder

*  One teaspoon of Chlorella

*  One scoop(15g)of Chia seed

*  Maca(500g capsule)

*  One tablespoon of Flax seed oil

*  One medium to large Banana

*  Three to four strawberries

*  Two dozen Blueberries