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Eating Healthy Without Going Broke

July 10, 2009 by  
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6a00d8341c52f053ef010535ae482e970b-320wiEating the right foods is essential to your health. Too much fat and sugar in the diet can cause a laundry list of health problems, not to mention that it makes it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. We also need to get in all of the nutrients that are essential to your health. And you must watch out for meats that contain antibiotics and hormones and produce that contains pesticides or has been genetically modified.

Unfortunately, eating healthy is far from easy. Sometimes you may not have the time to make or seek out healthy meals and end up eating convenience foods or something from the closest burger joint. And for those of us who make it a priority to eat balanced meals, cost is often prohibitive. Organic meats and produce aren’t cheap, and health food restaurants can be pricey, too.

As impossible as it may sound, you can eat healthy without putting a big dent in the budget. Here are some tips: