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Turmeric super antioxidant

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Turmeric is one of my favorite superfoods and may be the strongest antioxidant found yet. It is a natural cancer fighter, liver detox, and anti-inflamatory. I take 250 mg daily, make sure you find one that is made with organic plants. check your local vitamin shop or local health food store.


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Snack on a small handful of Almonds, contains 160 calories and is a good source of protein and fiber, vitamin E and magnesium. Almonds is a great source of calcium and iron, plus a variety of antioxidants which may prevent cancer cell growth and reducing bad cholesterol.

Resveratrol slows down aging

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Imagine taking a magic pill to slow down aging, well that what these scientist believe is possible by taking large doses of Resveratrol, a substance found in the skin of red grapes and concentrated in red wine. The discovery sounds very promising, but I say why not just eat plenty of red grapes and a glass of wine once a day.

Mercury found in high fructose corn syrup

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The vice president even knows how bad corn syrup is for the body.

Its time to wake up my people… The government does not care about your health. You must educate your self and family on nutrition… do your research on anything you choose to put in your divine body. I never consider how they made high fructose corn syrup, and that they use mercury to do it. Real scary shit. Mercury destroys brain cells faster than any other metal including lead. so think twice before you guzzle down that Coke or Pepsi because they dont care about you either.

Milk does a body bad!!! pass it on

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Well.. I’m back again with some more awakening news about our daily nutrition, and if you took time to watch the foods that kill video, this video on milk is a good follow up. Its time for us to wake up and become informed eaters, because our government doesn’t care… So its up to us to make better choices for our own body and learn exactly what the hell are we eating.

Stop Codex from killing 3 billion people

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Hey fitness friends I’ve been doing some research and came across a you tube video about a trade organization called Codex, this company main agenda is to control the food guidelines of the whole world. but the really scary thing is the company is allowing pesticides and growth hormones that was once band to be use…. I urge you to watch all five parts and share this with everyone you know.

Brown Rice

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If you’re like me then you probably ate plenty of rice growing up and chances are it wasn’t whole grain brown rice. I really can’t remember ever having it… I mean I think I would remember but what I do remember is plenty of white rice and yellow rice. Briceoth are process from natural brown rice, but once the rice has been process it loses almost all of its precious nutrition value.

Brown rice is known for its high fiber content. which helps keep digested track running well. Brown rice has been proving to lower cholesterol and prevent many different cancers, including heart disease.

Researches discovered in animal experiments that eating brown rice reduced learning and memory deficits cause by a protein considered to be one of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s dementia. So if you want to keep you mind sharp I would try my best to make the switch from white rice to brown. I must admit the taste was something to get use to,  but after a few servings I now enjoy it more than that starchy white rice.

Whats in that Burger?

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I remember some years back when Oprah was being sued by the beef industry, and really didn’t think much of it. I wish had paid better attention. Instead of thinking it was about a bunch of rich people suing each other over money.

That couldnt be further from the truth. The cattle industry had been expose infront of millions of people for feeding cows other sick cows, road kill and cats and dogs that had been put to sleep. They would grind them up and turn them into feed for cattle, which eventually ended up in your stomach.

Foods That Kill

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Excellent video on the dangers of consuming animal flesh, and the life long health benefits of eating a whole plant diet. The video is just about a hour long but it is worth your time. I urge you to watch the whole thing and then you can make your own choice about what you allow inside your divine body.


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Good evening fitness friends. How was your weekend? I hope it was spent doing the thing you love to do with those you love. Now as for me, I was keeping myself  busy cleaning my apartment, but I did have time to get in two good workouts, but after I was done and back home preparing my green protein smoothie. I notice I was missing one crucial ingredient. I’m sure by reading the post title you already know which one.

Blueberries!! This powerful antioxidant was highly sorted after by the Native Americans, who believed Blueberries had magical powers sent down from the gods and renamed Starberries. The magic berries was use during times of famine to feed the children. And Blueberry juice became an important drink for civil war soldiers to protect them from scurvy.

Blueberries or Wildberries are rich in phytochemicals, like anthocyanins. Which creates the pigment that makes blue berries blue, and ellagic acid a natural compound that may inhibit tumor growth.

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