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No Gym No Problem

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marines_do_pushupsThere are many types of exercise that we can do how ever when ever and where ever. These include:

* Running – This is one of the best cardio exercises there is. All you need to get started is a good pair of shoes, some weather-appropriate running gear, and a place to run.
* Push-ups – Push-ups are excellent for strength training. They work the arms, shoulders and chest, and they also build upper core strength.
* Crunches – Crunches are like sit-ups, but they are not as hard on the back. They are wonderful for toning the abdominal muscles.
* Lunges – If you want to improve muscle tone in the legs, lunges are perfect. They can also provide cardiac benefits if you do enough repetitions.
* Walking – Considered one of the best forms of exercise that just about anyone can do. Walking works the entire body and the participant can go at their own pace. In fact, walking doesn’t have to seem like “exercise” at all to be beneficial – simply incorporating more walking into your daily life will make a difference.

When I am unable to make it to the gym or if my membership has expired, and I have no money to rejoin the gym. I go back to the basic, doing six to ten sets of calisthenics  just about everyday, unless my body is extremely soar. The routine consist of pull ups, push ups and dips. One set is counted after all three exercises are complete with reps ranging from ten to twenty each.

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